Open Source

We are open


Not only are we open in a business sense, but we believe in an open software world. Unless contractually obligated, we share our work.


01. Usage

All our projects use the MIT license, which is simple and permissive. Use our open source projects for doing the things that make you happy!

02. Contributing

What’s open source without contributors? 1s and 0s, which are useful to no one. Interesting in submitting an issue or asking for a feature request? Check out our template.

03. Support

Use one of our projects and need professional support? We’ve got you covered.


Our Open Source projects


A PowerShell module for interacting with SherpaDesk via their API.



A PowerShell module for interacting with the PDF Generator API.


A PowerShell module for interacting with eBay’s APIs.


A PowerShell module for interacting with PayPal’s APIs.


A PowerShell utility module for converting API documentation.

You project?

Want to start an open source PowerShell project with Howell IT?

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